Sokol Kempa Cup

Place: Sports hall Nové Veselí,
Sports hall Žďár nad Sázavou
Dates: 24th - 26th January 2020
Check date: 11th January 2020
Categories: boys U17 and U19
Count of teams: max. 10 teams in category

Registered teams

Group A Group B
TJ Sokol Nové Veselí HC Dukla Praha
Minaur Baia Mare SC DHfK Leipzig
Talent Plzeň Grundfos Tatabánya KK
RK Gorenje Velenje ŠKP Bratislava
Group C Group D
TJ Sokol Nové Veselí HC Dukla Praha
RK Gorenje Velenje SC DHfK Leipzig
HC Motor Zaporozhye Grundfos Tatabánya KK
Minaur Baia Mare ŠKP Bratislava
    TJ Sokol Žďár nad Sázavou


Categories U17 (year of birth 2003 and 2004), allowed the start of the next lower category (U15, year of birth 2005 and 2006) 
(year of birth 2001 and 2002), allowed the start of the next lower category (U17 year of birth 2003 and 2004)
Match time 2 x 22 minutes - U17 - halftime break 2 minutes
2 x 22 minutes - U19 - halftime break 2 minutes
Places Sports hall Nové Veselí
Sports hall Žďár nad Sázavou


It will be played according to IHF rules and Competition rules of CHF, there will be 1 team timeout for each of teams in every match
Directions In case of points equality for 2 or more teams next rules are applied:
1) match between/among
2) score difference from matches between/among
3) more scored from matches between/among
4) score difference from all of matches
5) more scored from all of matches
6) fortune
In case of tie during final placement matches 7-metre throwing is used as a tie-breaker, players who are not suspended or disqualified at the end of the playing time are entitled to participate. Each team nominates 3 players. These players make one throw each, alternating with the players of the other team. If the throwing has to continue because the score is still tied after the first three throws each, it will continue with 7-metre throwing by one of the players eligible to participate from both of teams, till breaking the tie.
Punishments Suspensions: 2 minutes
Objections Objections can be given to Director of tournament till 20 minutes after match finish. Objections fee is 10€.
Failing to match Waiting time is 5 minutes, after that final result 10:0.

Only glue marks Trimona and Select are allowed in sports halls. Use non-marking shoes!

11.08.2021 18:30
TJ Sokol Nové Veselí - Veszprémi Kézilabda
13.08.2021 18:00
TJ Sokol Nové Veselí - NEKA (Memoriál Josefa Smékala)
14.08.2021 16:00
TJ Sokol Nové Veselí - Maloměřice (Memoriál Josefa Smékala)